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Capturing moments and telling the story of your day in a natural, non obtrusive way, the laughs, the tears, the chaos and love. Each wedding day is as unique as the two people coming together and so I strive to deliver a story that captures the individuality of you both, my aim is to capture the day as it happens - not recreate a photo shoot. It's about having a good balance between making sure we get some amazing pictures whilst allowing you to relax, enjoy your day and spend time with your friends and family.

Personally I do still images which are candid in nature, these can be digital files or printed as coffee table books, for short films we have an elite team of cinematographers and edit support staff which puts together your story.

I do about 50% of my weddings alone, obviously it’s not a norm, as I have an able team to back me up, and shooting with an assistant always helps, especially with complex schedules and large venues.

Pricing information is important for you. However the price really depends on the components you choose to add and the event duration, Destination weddings are different as well. We can have a scheduled discussion to really get this one right in the beginning for you once I know what all you are looking for.

I am happy to do them! Parents want them, I recommend you limit this to no more than 10 groups; this will take 20 minutes depending on the size of the groups. I generally have someone from the family work with me to get these arranged. Anything beyond these we can invite someone else from my team to capture, like we do for a reception.

I am on Facebook and Instagram and submit images for various editorials and competitions online although not every wedding. This is how most people find me so yes I will feature my favourite images from your wedding. If you have a particular reason why you prefer not to be featured in a story or blog i can drop your wedding pictures from my list to post if we can discuss in advance.

have seen weddings washed out due to rain in November, it’s a difficult situation to be in for us all, most venues will offer you a alternate plan with a backup indoor location, if so we can easily adapt to such situation, if not we can’t help it.

Suggest we first setup an informal phone/ skype call to answer any questions or concerns you might have, understanding of the schedule and deliverables would guide us to get to the natural next step, usually I would prefer meeting you in person before we sign up for the coverage, this service is on a first come first serve basis, so earlier is always better if you are looking for top quality services.

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